Acknowledgment of my Thesis

I would like to thank everyone who has given me guidance, feedback, or any kind of help to this thesis, and the time in the campus. It would be impossible for me to finish this without your kind help. Prof. Chi-Yu Li, who advise me on many things during these two years, and always opened up to communicate with me for anything. The folks in the NEMS Lab., Syuan-Cheng, Pei-Yuan, Po-Hao, and Yu-Han helps me a lot in different things in the campus and given me a different view of the world where we live. Prof. Ching-Cung (Jim) Huang, who concrete my professional skills and lead me to the graduate courses at the very beginning of this journey. The assistant staff in the NCTU CS department, Hsiao-Tsui Chen, Hsueh-Chun Chen; The staff in the NCTU secretariat May-Yu Ke, Winston Liu; The member of Campus Security Division Tzu-Chiang Kuo, Shu-Fen Wen; and many, many campus staff that I didn’t list, but helping me during my life in the semester. I always think they are the most underestimate folks in the university, making our campus, department’s work smoothly, thank you. And my family, and Abby, always given me supports when I needed, thanks. Lastly, I would also like to thank the open source community, since many implementations in this work benefit from the community effort.

2020/02/24 at NCTU,
Louie Lu.


BTH: 35QooNA82isrmQLmpEnqXpJoxeZmaPubPf



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