IOTA IRI configuration documentation

This is a documentation of IOTA IRI configuration options. This documentation contain most of the options, except some options start with P_. Some useful options are PORT, UDP_RECEIVER_PORT, TCP_RECEIVER_PORT, NEIGHBORS. Most of the options are not used by normal users, but you still can check this list to figure what you may need.

0x1 IOTA IRI configuration documentation

IOTA IRI Configuration Listkeep this under your pillow
Option Description Default Note
API_HOST This is the api host address, other service or user may use this address to used IOTA IRI Restful API services localhost If you want to public your API, you can set to, otherwise localhost will limit API access to yourself
PORT This is the port that used by IOTA IRI API (*NOT* neighbors tcp receiver port) 14600 This used TCP port
UDP_RECEIVER_PORT This is the port used for UDP neighbors, you will need to give other this port number if both of you using UDP to transmit 14600
TCP_RECEIVER_PORT This is the port used for TCP neighbors, you will need to give other this port number if both of you using TCP to transmit 15600
NEIGHBORS Neighbors that you are connected with Remember, neighbors will only works when both of you added each others URI, and TCP to TCP, UDP to UDP, do not mixed it!
TSETNET Makes it possible to run IRI with the IOTA testnet FALSE
DEBUG Enable IOTA IRI to print the debug information FALSE If you want to enable debug, you will need to modify IRI logback.xml (uncomment debug part) and recompile, repackage IRI
REMOTE_LIIMIT_API Exclude certain API calls from being able to be accessed remotely Some POW API like getTransactionToApprove, attachToTangle you may want to disable, and removeNeighbors, addNeighbors for example. For full API list, please visit:
REMOTE_AUTH Require authentication password for accessing remotely. Requires a correct username:hashedpassword combination
IXI_DIR IRI extensions directory path, this directory used to manage IRI extensions ixi For extensions example, please visit:
MAIN_DB IRI database provider, default using rocksdb rocksdb You can changed this value if you add your own version of persistence provider. You can look at source code to check how it works
DB_PATH IRI database path mainnetdb
DB_LOG_PATH IRI database log path mainnet.log
DB_CACHE_SIZE IRI database cache size 100000 Using MB to count
RESCAN_DB It will remove all address, bundle, approvee and tag in database and rescan all tx, refill the columns when restart IRI FALSE
EXPORT Enable transaction export to file FALSE
ZMQ_ENABLED Enable IRI ZMQ FALSE For zmq documentation, please visit:, for zmq used example, please visit:
ZMQ_PORT This is the port used for ZMQ 5556
ZMQ_IPC This is the URI used for ZMQ IPR ipc://iri
ZMQ_THREADS This is the thread nubmer used for ZMQ threads 2
MAINNET_MWM Minimum weight magnitude used in mainnet 14
TESTNET_MWM Minimum weight magnitude used in testnet 13
MIN_RANDOM_WALKS Minimum random walk for selecting tips 5 For random walk options, it is used at transactionToApprove – the step to select two tips for verification in the transaction begin. It is used as a iteration times in MCMC (Markov Chain Mote Carlo)
MAX_RANDOM_WALKS Maximum random walk for selecting tips 27
MAX_DEPTH Maximum depth for selecting tips 15 This is used in MCMC to choose which tips CAN be select. If this value get larger, that means it can choose select more tips in the tangle (depth from latest tips)
MAX_FIND_TRANSACTIONS Maximum transactions allowed for findTransaction command 100000
MAX_REQUESTS_LIST Maximum request input length 1000 For example, addNeighbors will use{…, uris: [tcp://…, tcp://…, udp://…]}, this is the value that limited the length of the uris
MAX_GET_TRYTES Maximum return from getTrytes command 10000 If the return list length is larger than MAX_GET_TRYTE, you will get error
MAX_BODY_LENGTH Maximum length of request body 1000000
SOURCE: Louie Lu, IRI source code

0x2 Example IOTA IRI ini file

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