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  • IOTA IRI configuration documentation

    IOTA IRI configuration documentation

    This is a documentation of IOTA IRI configuration options. This documentation contain most of the options, except some options start with P_. Some useful options are PORT, UDP_RECEIVER_PORT, TCP_RECEIVER_PORT, NEIGHBORS. Most of the options are not used by normal users, but you still can check this list to figure what you may need. 0x1 IOTA IRI configuration…

  • IOTA IRI rocksdb data storage structure

    IOTA IRI rocksdb data storage structure

    0x1 Overview In IOTA IRI, it uses rocksdb as its database with column family to separate different data stored. Here is the introduction about the IRI rocksdb data storage structure and how to manipulate in Python. 0x2 Column Families In IOTA rocksdb, just think column families as a sheet to separate data stored. No high technique…