Building, Debugging, Developing GNOME VTE Terminal

Gnome Vte is a virtual terminal widget for GTK+ applications. It is used in various GTK+ applications, such as Guake, lxterminal, qemu, remmina, terminator…etc.

Its a well done infrastructure library, but with poor documentation about how to building, debugging, and developing this library.

Here are some notes to fill the gap.


We can use -D to pass configuration to meson, such as enable debug mode or chang the install prefix:


Vte provide its _vte_debug_print debug print logger, we can setup environment variable to trigger the logger:

You can provide multiple logging level to the variable:

Here is the full logging level list:

If you want to log all events, please use “all”: VTE_DEBUG=all guake


Adding new python wrapper API function

  • Add function inside src/
  • Add declaration to src/vte/vteterminal.h with _VTE_PUBLIC & _VTE_GNUC_NONNULL(1)

Print Call Stack of function


BTH: 35QooNA82isrmQLmpEnqXpJoxeZmaPubPf



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