Linkedin 發佈一套 iOS 多線程 UI testing 工具 – bluepill

剛剛在 GitHub trending 上看到,Linkedin 在 8 天前發佈一套名為「bluepill」的 iOS parallel UI testing tool.

LinkedIn created Bluepill to run iOS tests in parallel using multiple simulators.

Bluepill GitHub:


  • Running tests in parallel by using multiple simulators.
  • Automatically packing tests into groups with similar running time.
  • Running tests in headless mode to reduce memory consumption.
  • Generating a junit report after each test run.
  • Reporting test running stats, including test running speed and environment robustness.
  • Retrying when the Simulator hangs or crashes.

實際運行的 demo 是這個樣子

不過目前 mac 維修中,無法實際測試這套工具……

看了一下 issues 裏面的問題,目前釋放出來的還是很 early 的版本,還有滿多可以修復的功能:

早期投入 contribute 是一個不錯的選擇。



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